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Work Phone: 705-789-1962Contact: Sue TretheweyWork 51 Stephenson Rd. #12 W. Utterson ON CanadaWebsite:


Company Description:  B.I.B.S (Blown-In-Blanket System) is a patented insulation system using standard fiberglass insulation to manufacture a seamless blanket of insulation. This state of the art insulation system is used to insulate walls, cathedral ceilings, floor joist, rim joist and attics. Since Thermo Seal Insulation Systems began operations in Ontario in 1989 our trained and certified installers have insulated thousands of homes with our energy efficient Blown-In-Blanket System (B.I.B.S). Thermo Seal Insulation Systems also offer trained certified installers of polyurethane foam to insulate crawlspaces, cathedral ceilings, floor joist and rim joist. Fireproofing can also be applied on polyurethane foam and/or ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) when required.