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Wes Finch & Sons Whether replacing an old septic system or installing a new one, you’ll need solid advice from a knowledgeable and qualified contractor. Old septic systems Often a real estate transaction will trigger the need to upgrade or replace a septic. Home inspectors typically perform a flow test to determine level of functioning. […]

Comments Off on Early consultation is key to any kitchen reno or new build

Woodsmiths of Muskoka Kitchen renovations are nothing if not complex – a multitude of details all have to come together to create a harmony of design. It’s critical that this harmony also addresses functionality – after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The key to avoid kitchen chaos is to involve the […]

Comments Off on The evolution of Muskoka rooms

Davlin Ontario Inc. Muskoka rooms have earned their role as a popular three-season option, offering an expansion of indoor space into a bug-free almost outdoor space. Typically their location is key, offering lake vistas from cottages or garden views from homes. Large window openings bring the outdoor feel into the home. In yesteryear, Muskoka rooms […]

Comments Off on How do I know if my chosen contractor will work safely?

Dunk & Associates There are certain clues and actions that a homeowner can take to ensure their contractor treats job site safety as a priority. Why is this important? You want to hire a safety-minded contractor to ensure your property is not damaged and to reduce your personal risk. Furthermore, it would certainly take all […]