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Cutting Brothers Inc. Artistic Woodwork & Timber Frame Design There’s something about timber frame that lends itself to an expansive yet warm ambience. Although popular with home and cottage owners, there’s a quietly kept secret about timber frame: one doesn’t have to have an entire home built using timber frame design to achieve its ambience […]

Comments Off on Congratulations to Josh Pearcey!

Josh was the recipient of our 2014 Member of the Year award, presented at The Rosseau at our annual Christmas Party on Friday, November 28, 2014 by President Lisa Cormack in recognition of outstanding commitment, dedication and involvement in the Muskoka Builders’ Association for the past year.  Thank you Josh!

Comments Off on Lead time needed for construction projects in Muskoka

Muskoka builder Wayne Judges provides a ‘heads up’ to Muskoka landowners and homeowners that obtaining approval from the various government agencies for a building project requires more lead time than one might expect. Each of the six municipalities in Muskoka has different requirements and approvals may also be required from other agencies including the Ministry […]

Comments Off on How can I ensure my outdoor lighting isn’t causing light pollution yet is effective for safety and outdoor activities?

INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting Systems Minimizing impact is the key when installing any kind of outdoor lighting in Muskoka. The whole concept behind preserving dark skies started with Muskoka’s impressive star-gazing vistas but nowadays, it has gone even beyond that. Lighting needs to have low impact on the environment and on neighbouring properties, yet also needs […]