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NorStar Exteriors The gutters and eaves troughs on your home have a really important job. They are the anchor to your rainwater management system which prevents damage. When your gutter protection works properly it helps prevent the growth of mold, deck and foundation damage and the infestation of rodents and mosquito larvae.   When leaves […]

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Dave Nodwell Muskoka Contracting Renovating or rebuilding a home or cottage is one of the biggest expenses most people will manage in their lifetime. Dave Nodwell’s Muskoka Contracting understand first hand that the big decisions need to be the right ones.   When considering renovating, the first thing you need to consider is the structure itself. Do […]

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Waste Services (CA) Our builder tells me they only call Waste Services (CA). What happened to Muskoka Containerized Services (MCS)? Not to worry they are still a great company that is one in the same. Almost a decade ago (then Capitol Environmental now) Waste Services (CA) Inc purchased Muskoka Containerized Services and operated under the presale […]