Summer in Muskoka.

A common turn of phrase for anyone familiar with the Muskoka Region. Muskoka is known for its endless lakes, lush forests and pristine views and has cottagers swarming throughout the summer months. But relaxing on a dock isn’t just for weekends and Muskoka is certainly not just for cottagers.

There are teams of locals working year round to build the picturesque cottages that make even the most famous of celebrities take the drive up the 400. The best part is, these people call Muskoka ‘home’ year round!

Relocating To Muskoka

The region is perfect for anyone looking for a consistent and rewarding job, playing and working in the outdoors, small classroom sizes and a fantastic family focused lifestyle. Camping, hiking, golfing, fishing, – “I can do it all within 15 minutes of my office.” says Kevin Browne, who made the move north 32 years ago. Browne is the previous owner of NorStar, a local exterior company that his son now owns and operates.

With many businesses prioritizing a work life balance, it’s not uncommon to find opportunities that fit the ideal lifestyle. While Browne moved to the area in search of a 9-5 role, Kelly Davies found balance in a different schedule. “I work a 4 day work week. It leaves a lot of time for family. Work life balance is a priority.” says Davies.

Davies is a carpenter at Brian Hoar Inc, who moved to the area in 2017 with his wife to raise their two young daughters. Having consistent three day weekends allows Davies to spend time with his family and take in all that Muskoka has to offer, year round. “My first day on the job in Muskoka was on a boat out to a worksite on an Island. We saw a deer and fox, it felt like everyone was on vacation mode compared to the city.” said Davies when asked about how the lifestyle and work atmosphere differ from GTA living.

cottage country

Not Just A Summer Gig.

The trades in the Muskoka have changed greatly over the years. The majority of companies offer excellent benefit packages, highly competitive wages and leave plenty of room for training and career growth. With so many luxurious cottages in the works, and countless businesses wanting to expand, anyone looking to relocate has endless career options to choose from. These opportunities are not limited to the summer months as many would expect and certainly aren’t limited to the trades either. There are plenty of opportunities in other career paths as well. Relocating comes with its challenges, but career opportunities is certainly not one of them. “We’re busy. But it’s not the same hustle and bustle as the city. You don’t feel like a guinea pig on a treadmill” Browne says.

The opportunities are not limited to the number of jobs available, either. The demand in Muskoka keeps every company at the top of their game as far as quality and innovation. “We are working with material you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Creating the coolest designs in the most beautiful locations.” Davies shared. “We get to build the riches’ playground.”

So what does it take to work AND play in Muskoka? A solid work ethic, an appreciation for the outdoors, being family focused, and the desire to produce quality work while growing your career. “We take pride in what we do”  says Browne. “There are opportunities for anyone looking make a good living in Muskoka” says Browne.

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