Joining the Muskoka Builders’ Association

Discover the perks of Muskoka’s largest network of Builders, Suppliers, Trade Contractors and Service Experts devoted to professionalism in the building industry.

Muskoka Builders’ Association Professional Standards

Promoting Professionalism:

Beyond our basic Membership Requirements, we have established professional standards that our Members are required to adhere to:

  1. Provide a detailed, written contract (including scope of work for all jobs)
  2. Offer a minimum of two-years of after-sale service
  3. Carry a minimum of $2 million liability insurance
  4. Maintain WSIB coverage and work only with subcontractors who also carry WSIB coverage (as verified through clearance certificates)
  5. Carry all applicable licenses and permits
  6. Maintain a professional level of knowledge of current building codes, permit procedures and technical skills through continuing education
  7. Maintain a safe and organized worksite
  8. Ensure that calls to your company are returned (by someone) within one business day

Code of Ethics

  1. Members shall comply with the Ontario Building Code and the National Building Code of Canada and/or all additional recognized standards applicable to the individual member as a minimum standard for that member’s services and shall work towards industry improvement in the interests of sufficiency, safety and health.
  2. Members shall perform their services to conform to the principles of good community development.
  3. Members shall be fair and honest with their customers, employees, sub-contractors and suppliers in the interests of sufficiency, safety and health.
  4. Members shall co-operate, interchange information and experience, and encourage research on materials and techniques in order to provide the best value for their customers.
  5. Members shall uphold the principle of reasonable and adequate compensation for the services which they render.
  6. Members shall avoid advertising which tends to mislead customers, deprecate competitors, or generally bring the reputation of the industry into disrepute.
  7. Members shall display and encourage a sense of pride in belonging to the Muskoka Builders’ Association.
  8. Members shall perform and co-operate in the completion of their services in a manner which demonstrates the utmost competence.
  9. Members shall actively encourage fellow members to uphold the professional image and reputation of the Muskoka Builders’ Association.
  10. Members shall avoid all conduct or practice detrimental to the house building industry, to the Association, to the good name or reputation of any of its members, or to customers.

Application Process


The following are the requirements for Members of the Muskoka Builders’ Association:

  1. Sponsorship by an MBA Member (Company owner) with Letter of Recommendation
  2. Completion of Online Application with WSIB Registration, Tarion Registration (only if applicable), HST/Business Number, Payroll Registration as required by CRA definitions
  3. Two letters of Reference from Muskoka Businesses, Trades or Customers
  4. Agree to abide by the MBA “Code of Ethics”,  the MBA “Professional Standards” and have a Safety Policy and Plan in place
  5. Applicant must have been in business for a minimum of one year
  6. Must intend to  meet “Active” member status for 1st year of Membership (attend a minimum of 5 Events, including 3 Dinner Meetings)

The Steps:

  1. The first step to joining the Association is to find a Sponsor for your application. Browse our Membership Listings and find a current member that you know and contact them to ask them to sponsor your application. They will need to provide a letter of recommendation for you as to their experience working with/for/alongside you and the reasons they are recommending you for Membership.
  2. Once you have a sponsor, gather up your WSIB, Tarion (if applicable), HST numbers and Payroll Registration; complete the online application form below and submit. You must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year.
  3. You should receive an email confirmation of receipt of your application within 24 hours. This will include documents requiring your signature declaring to abide by the Code of Ethics, Professional Standards and to confirm that you have a Safety Policy and Plan in place. You will also be required to provide 2 Letters of Reference; from Muskoka Businesses, Trades or Customers.
  4. Once the above information is received, a Membership Interview will be scheduled for you and your Sponsor. They take place at our regular monthly Board of Director Meetings. These interviews are required but only take a small bit of your time and are meant mainly as a way to meet you and for you to have a chance to meet us!

Once your application is approved, you will be sent a Welcome Package and an invoice for Membership Dues.  Please note that all new members are encouraged to maintain an “Active” member status for the 1st year of Membership (must attend a minimum of 5 Events, including 3 Dinner Meetings).

Please complete the online application form or, if you have any questions please call us at 705-645-3008.