Build Your Career in Muskoka

As summer ends and fall begins, local contractors prepare for yet another busy season. Colder weather hasn’t slowed the contracting demand for years in Muskoka, and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Employment opportunities are abundant as business owners try and keep up with client needs and seemingly endless workload. We asked the  Muskoka Builders’ Association members to expand on the high demand for trade workers in the area:

Get up here as soon as you can. We need you,”
says Wayne Judges, owner of Judges Contracting Ltd.

Wayne has been in the region for 46 years, and has been busier than ever before. In fact, when we asked about the amount of work available in the area, Wayne shared that “the projects are only getting bigger and bigger.”

With so many positions needing to be filled, business owners are more than willing to spend time and energy training the right people to fit the many roles available. Each of the Muskoka Builders’ Association members echoed each other’s needs when asked what they require in an employee.

“When interviewing somebody, they don’t necessarily need to have the skill set right away. What I do hire for is character. I’m more interested in someone’s character and work ethic.” said Randy Hodges. Hodges owns and operates Muskoka Window and Door Centre in Bracebridge. His business is looking to hire for several roles including sales and administrative positions. Longevity and work ethic were key requirements for hiring for many of the MBA members. For up to date job postings, please register for our local newsletter here.

“Off Season” in Muskoka

Sure, the summer can bring an influx of work to the Muskoka Region, but it certainly doesn’t take anything away from the off season. Careers in the area that used to be considered seasonal 30 years ago, are consistently year round positions. “Those days have changed.” says Judges “We are as busy in January as we are in July.” When we asked Muskoka Window and Door Centre about the winter months, Randy Hodges joked, “Work ebbs and flows with the seasons. We are very busy through the summer [May to September] and then just really busy for the rest of the year!”

The constant demand has kept many business owners busier than they would prefer. There is more work than there is staff to get the job done. “We are way behind schedule. Luckily most of our clients understand the situation, but we are probably a year behind schedule. Everybody up here needs help, so we are all scrambling trying to make things happen.” Judges shared.

Demand is on the rise in the Muskoka Region and now business owners are looking for hard working individuals that want in on the action. While discussing the incredible career potential available to anyone willing to relocate, Hodges stated, “I would be twice the size if I could just find the right people.” Building homes and cottages will certainly be a lucrative career path for anyone wanting to move to Muskoka. “We are in a unique economic bubble. When the market takes a dive, it doesn’t affect Muskoka as much. It’s an area that people with money continue to invest in, so we are not as sensitive as other areas.” said Hodges while discussing the reason for this huge rise in demand.

Building homes and cottages will certainly be a lucrative career path for anyone wanting to move to Muskoka.

Muskoka has more selling factors than career opportunities encouraging families to make the move North. The average cost of purchasing a home in Muskoka in the first quarter of 2018 was $337,000, with Toronto homes coming in around $780,000. Muskoka also offers a fantastic lifestyle and great communities to raise a family. Exceptional schools, local shopping, craft breweries, events and an overall sense of community makes Muskoka a true forever home. The locals take pride in their ability to balance work and play in Muskoka, enjoying the benefits of a slower pace. We asked Judges what it was like to work and play in Muskoka and he described it as the “best of both worlds. Working is a pleasure. The seasons in Muskoka are just a wonderful transition from one to the other. The impact is just not the same in the city.”

Contractors and tradesmen in the area are not just building homes, they are building the strong relationships that have lead to a welcoming sense of community. “My favourite part aside from my family being up here is my clients. They are wonderful people that we have worked with for a long time. I have clients from all over the world, and they all tell me the same thing. This is the nicest place on the face of the Earth.” Boasted Judges. He is proud of the Muskoka Region for both it’s rewarding careers and for being a great place to raise a family. “Now I’m working for the sons and daughters of my clients that I worked for years ago.”

Grow In Muskoka

This community is ready and able to bring more people in and grow with them. Businesses want to expand and be able to support the constant demand of their clients and employers are willing to help facilitate anyone looking to relocate to the area. Along with the Affordable Home Ownership Programs offered, the move makes a lot of sense for many young families.

Every member spoke of the sense of community within their business. Beyond great health benefits, year round employment, training and growth opportunities, as well as meaningful work, families moving up to the region can expect community support from the many individuals pushing for economic growth. “Support local” takes on a whole new meaning in Muskoka. Accountability, hard work and camaraderie are core values of the Muskoka Region which any family can benefit from when they relocate.

“I’ve always believed with any business, and ours is no exception, that if you treat your people the way you would like to be treated, you’ll be okay. We have always done that because at the end of the day, its my guys that make the business grow. I drive my business, but I certainly can’t do it without them. How well they do is what makes the business successful.” says Wayne Judges.


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